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Pizzatron 3000

pizzatronThe Pizzatron 3000 is found in the Pizza Parlour in the Plaza, through the door marked ‘Kitchen’ Before the game begins flip the switch from the normal pizza setting to the candy pizza setting. Not only will this mean you get to make candy pizza, you will make twice as much coins for each pizza. If you keep making the right pizzas without any mistakes, you will get a tip. The more pizzas you make correctly in a row the bigger your tip, but if you make a mistake your tip goes back down. There will never be more than five toppings (excluding sauce and sprinkles) but the pizzas will move faster throughout the game.


candy-switchPizzatron 3000 is a very fast game that involves lots of quick clicking and dragging, but if you play on candy pizza mode and get lots of tips you can quickly earn a lot of coins for yourself. And remember practice makes perfect!

The Club Penguin Coin Cheat works for Pizzatron 3000, so once your pizza making skills are up to scratch try the cheat and keep adding the coins you earn in the game as many times as you like!


1 Response to "Pizzatron 3000"

put how the hell do you change to candy mode

Happy Pippi: Pull the switch in the start screen, I took a picture of it

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