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Aqua Grabber

aqua-grabberPossibly one of the hardest Mini Games, Aqua Grabber can be found at the Ice Berg. There are two levels of Aqua Grabber, Clam Waters and Soda Seas. Each level has small treasures, rare treasure and main treasure. To move use your arrow keys, to pick up treasure press space bar. If you are holding a large treasure try not to bump into walls or the fluffy fish because this will cause you to drop your treasure.

runs-on-airThe Aqua Grabber runs on air. As you move the Aqua Grabber will blow bubbles and fill up with water. If it fills completely with water you will lose a life so it is important to keep finding air. If you have a pink puffle, take it with you and it will blow air bubbles. If you don’t have a pink puffle there are three ways to get air: Hitting a large air bubble, finding air in a cave and going to the surface of the water.


Everything that you pick up is worth coins, the treasure in Soda Seas is worth more than the treasure in Clam Waters, here is a list of what everything is worth.

mullet1Pearl – 25 coins

Black Pearl – 50 coins

Grand Pearl – 300 coins

Cream Soda – 50 coins

Emerald – 500 coins

Amethyst – 600 coins

Mullet – 1000 coins

The Mullet can be tricky not to lose because he will try to pull your Aqua Grabber into walls!

sleeping-clamClam Waters

To take a pearl from a small clam, hover above him and try to keep still. Eventually he will fall asleep and open his mouth, this is when you grab his pearl. The pearls from small clams are little enough that you can carry them around without having to drop them off.

Find as many small pearls as you can, including the black pearl as these are worth extra coins. Once you have found them all go down untill you find the Giant Clam. To the far right of the Giant Clam’s cave there is a pearl shaped rock, pick it up and place it next to the Grand Pearl. Pick up the Grand Pearl and take it back to the surface, then drop it into your net.


cream-sodaSoda Seas

The small treasure in Soda Seas is Cream Soda. Pick up the barrels of cream soda and take them back to the surface and drop them in your net. As you drop off Cream Soda, the water quality will improve and if you go near a plant it will get healthier. If plants are blocking a cave, just find more cream soda and as they get healthier they will move out of the way.

When you find the last cream soda, there will be some air in the cave. If you bump into the top of that air patch hard enough a worm will drop out. Pick up the worm, catch the fluffy fish, catch the mullet.

worm-ceiling1If you drop the worm you can go back and get another. If you lose the fluffy fish you will have to get another worm and catch him again, be careful once you catch him because he will try to get away. If you catch the mullet and manage not to lose him, put him in your net for lots of coins. Be careful though because the mullet is even stronger than fluffy fish.


Once the mullet is out of the way, go down into the cave and you will see some treasure. Do not take any of the coins. A crab will come out and take away the coins one by one, if you let him have them all he will give you the rare treasure.


Take the rare treasure and go back to the main cave. Go down untill you find green puffer fish. Green puffer fish occur in four different stages of puffiness: not puffy, thinking about puffing, puffing and puffed. If the fish is only thinking about puffing that’s ok just make sure you don’t get too close to him. But if he is puffing it’s too late.


amethystOnce you get past the puffer fish there is a giant puffer fish. Once you get past him there is the main treasure. Pick it up and make your way back. This will probably take a few tries to maneuver around the puffy fish, but it can be done. A trick I use is to get close enough to the first fish so that he puffs up then move just far enough away from him so that he unpuffs, and just as he releases all that air quickly go past him, then keep to the right and sneak past the fish above.

Now you know everything there is to know about Aqua Grabber! Have fun finding treasure and earning heaps of coins.

The Club Penguin Coin Cheat works for Aqua Grabber, so once your Aqua Grabber skills are up to scratch try the cheat and keep adding the coins you earn in the game as many times as you like!


42 Responses to "Aqua Grabber"

i cant do it

Happy Pippi: It’s hard for me to help you when you aren’t specific, what exactly can’t you do?

sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for that i just wanted to get mullet does it have to be in soda seas though

Happy Pippi: You can only catch the Mullet in Soda Seas, there is no worm in Clam Waters so therefore no way of catching him

Thanks for the tip, I caught the mullet into my net and so did my little brother. I’ve only been able to catch the mullet once though!Thanks again

thanks i couldent figure out how to get the emerald

Happy Pippi: You’re welcome!

THANKS!!!! I COULD NOT figure out where the emerald was! My friend told me it was in one of the seaweed plant things(she’s been known to lie, a LOT!) And my cousin was excited when I told him!

Happy Pippi: I’m glad that I have helped you πŸ˜€

I got past all of the puffy fishes and got the amethyst but i kept dropping the worm 😦

Happy Pippi: I do that a lot too! Or sometimes the fish doesn’t eat the worm right away and I have to chase him with it!

how do u get past those weird purple “squid tentacal” things were the worm is?

Happy Pippi: You need to find more barrels of Cream Soda and they will move out of the way

cool i got it!!

Happy Pippi: That’s Great!

You can bring a pink puffle to help you in Aqua Grabber.

Happy Pippi: Yes I mentioned that

hi pippi, great tips, i never knew you could catch mullet, whenever you bring your pink puffle to aquagrabber, how does it help you?

Happy Pippi: A pink puffle in Aqua Grabber will blow an air bubble when you get low on air

when it blows the bubbles, are they like the big air bubbles, i mean can you move into them and they give you air?

Happy Pippi: Yep, that’s exactly how they work

Thank you so much! I just couldn’t get past getting fluffy. He goes everywhere and then ya have to go back to the cave and get another worm. Its annoying. Anyways, Thanks I was so stuck how to get past the mullet. πŸ™‚ See ya and add me; Kairykitti. πŸ™‚

Happy Pippi: Most people have no idea how to get past Mullet!

wow i didnt even know there was all that to do i just thought it was: get the soda get the crystal thing and thats it

once you have the grand pearl how do yu get the money

Happy Pippi: You need to take it back to the surface of the water, and drop it in your net

hey thanks to ur tips, i made it past three of the achievements. now i’m stuck on the time trial. any tips for that?

Happy Pippi: Nope, I still can’t beat the time trial myself

i hate fluffy fish.

Happy Pippi: Yep, he can be annoying

i dnt get it, can you get the mullet and the fluffy fish in clam waters?

Happy Pippi: There is a fluffy fish and mullet in Clam Waters, but there is no worm and therefore no way of catching them. You can only catch them in Soda Seas

i can’t get the mullet or fish 😦

Happy Pippi: It can be a bit tricky, but don’t give up

thanks so much! i couldn’t figure out where to get the worm, but i knew how to get the mullet. this was so helpful with the emerald too! i kept taking the coins. thanks again!

did you know that the pearl shaped rock is 1 coin?

Happy Pippi: I can’t say I’ve ever tried it, it seems silly to get one coin for it when the grand pearl is worth heaps more

THANK U SOOOO MUCH!!!!!! I am now rich!!! THANK U!!!!

I hate the fluffy fish and the Mullet. They are SO ANNOYING! THEY MADE ME DROP THE GRAND PEARL 18 TIMES!

thanks!!! I did not know how to get the rare treasure! add me, Flopsypig8, server marshmallow, usually at iceberg.

Thank you so much!!!
I could never figure out where on earth the emerald was.
Any tips for getting the mullet in the net?
Thanks again!
Rosie 84939

Everytime i put the worm over the fish it never bites

Happy Pippi: sometimes it takes a few tries to get the fluffy fish to bite!

you can also get fluffys for 100 coins and worms for 1 coin and thanks i would never known you can get the mullet to the net

thankyou so much,
i used to just bump past the mullet but it took ages to get it right but now you have told me about the worm it is so much quicker and easier. any tips on how to catch the mullet in the fishing game…i have heard about catching it but have never actually found out how.

Happy Pippi: you just keep a fish on your hook when you see it in the distance, use the fish as bait to catch it!

I DID IT!! πŸ™‚

What happens when you take one of the coins?

Happy Pippi: The crab won’t give you the emerald, you get points for the coins but the emerald is worth more

I never knew! wowee my gratitude cannot be expressed tho i must say its easier to just bump past the mullet?

Thanks soo much! I didn’t know how to get the worm even though i figured the bait would go to fluffy and then fluffy to mullet. thanks for telling me where to find the worm! You rock!

Well,the GIANT fish freaks me out and he BLOWS himself really quickly (but I couldn’t pass the other “small” ones) and I COULDNT PASS because I couldnt maneuver around the fish and dropped the treasure.

THanks I cant take mullet into my net and he escaped do you know where does he goes?

Happy Pippi: I guess he goes looking for more fluffy fish to eat!

I had a glitch in soda seas! I didnt know you could catch fluffy and mullet back then,and why i tried to get past him,I went right through him!!!!!!!

this is impossible fluffy fish is a meanie butt

Happy Pippi: It’s not impossible, don’t give up!

Thank you so much!!! I could absolutely NOT figure out where to get the worm, Fluffy, or Mullet before I read this. Thanks again!

i think it is really good but you didnt egzact tell us how to catch fluffy

Happy Pippi: You pick up the worm and put it right in front of him

um thank you for giving information about it ! but see i tried million times trying to cach a mullit it makes me angry so much keeping and trying i dint get it but im not giving up im trying so hard also from now im trying

I cant catch the mullet in the soda seas it keeps hitting me into walls!! CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Happy Pippi: It is difficult, I’ve only managed to do it once myself! Just keep trying πŸ™‚

Sweet it really works thanxs a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thx so much Happy Pippi i no exactly how 2 get the mulet!!!!! jus one problem; its too hard to get it cuz fluffy keeps struggling and pulling to get out of reach. PLZ GIVE SUM MOR TIPS. othr than tht i was able to get the worm + fluffy. thx soo much! add me on CP if u see me – I’m Chloe Dog1, a member girl penguin. thx

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